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When clothes take forever to dry or your dryer starts making strange noises, it can disrupt your whole routine. A malfunctioning appliance undermines the convenience and comfort we rely on dryers to provide day in and day out. 


Don’t tolerate lackluster performance or faulty operations from your drying equipment. The expert technicians at Spark Appliance Repair provide prompt, attentive service to get your machine running like new again. With seasoned maintenance professionals on staff, we have the answer to any issue, restoring essential function quickly and hassle-free. Give us a call when problems arise – we have years of insight into every make and model.

Common Dryer Problems We Repair

At our appliance repair company, our seasoned technicians have seen every possible dryer mishap in the book, and then some. With intimate knowledge of all systems and components, we can quickly diagnose a wide range of issues that lead to subpar dryer performance, including:

Insufficient heat

If clothes are still damp after a full cycle, a broken heating element likely prevents adequate temperature. We replace damaged heating components and thermostats.

No rotation

Faulty drive belts or worn-out drum rollers can stop barrels from turning properly during cycles. We adjust and replace internals.

Noisy operation

From screeching pulleys, defective rollers, and worn-out bearings to rattling sensors, we identify sources of abnormal noises and correct them.

Burnt smell

Signs of overheating from clogged vents, failing motors, or stuck thermostats. We pinpoint and address causes of electrical burning odor.

Long cycles

Damaged moisture sensors can disrupt cycle times. We replace malfunctioning parts and recalibrate equipment.

Won’t start

Issues with control boards, blown thermal fuses, broken door switches, bad start capacitors, and more can prevent startup. Our experts troubleshoot and fix various causes.

Shaking or vibrating

Improperly aligned drums or worn suspension components lead to abnormal shaking. We realign and stabilize bouncy machines.

Tripping breaker

Electrical shorts from motor troubles, burnt wiring, etc. can trip circuits. We fix shorts and replace defective components.

Leaking water

Broken valves, line cracks, faulty connectors result in leaks. We seal damage, reconnect parts, replace worn lines/valves.

Unbalanced loads

We adjust legs, tighten bolts, align drums to stop excess movement on uneven floors.

Error codes

We decipher cryptic codes pointing to component failures and make necessary parts repairs.

Dents or cracks

External damage to dryer doors, panels need replacement parts and adjustments from our team.

Clogged ducts

We clear debris, lint in ductwork to allow proper airflow and drying.

Give us a call when your dryer displays any of these common problems – our expertise spans the full range of laundry equipment repair needs in San Diego.

Our Commitment to Repair Excellence in San Diego County

At Spark Appliance Repair, our dedicated team of repair specialists are equipped to provide quality repairs for all kinds of residential appliances. With experience across numerous household appliance brands and models, we have deep expertise in regular maintenance and troublesome repairs to deliver reliable and professional service.

Whether it is a finicky refrigerator, oven that won’t heat properly, rattling dryer, or any other costly repair needed, our technicians have seen it all. We utilize this broad “in the field” knowledge combined with the latest techniques and state-of-the-art parts to complete repairs right the first time. We know how disruptive a broken appliance can be, so our focus is providing convenient scheduling and timely repairs to give you back peace of mind.

We always offer transparent, upfront pricing without any surprise fees. Special offers with savings are available as well for new customers and referrals. Our customers’ trust and continued satisfaction means everything. So if your household requires any appliance repair in San Diego metro, turn to our capable team for a five-star service experience and quality results. We’re here to help!

Why Choose Local Providers?

 Choosing local repair technicians for your appliance needs offers unparalleled advantages:

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Same Day and Emergency Repairs

We try to provide same-day fixing service to get your appliance running again quickly. Emergency services also provided, should an urgent issue arise at an inconvenient time. You can count on us.

Highly Skilled Technicians

Our techs complete rigorous, up-to-date training and utilize advanced diagnostic tools to correctly troubleshoot and resolve appliance problems efficiently.

Seasonal specials and Discounts

We provide discounted rates on appliance repair labor as our way of giving back and expressing gratitude to the community. This offer aims to make our services more accessible and affordable for everyone.

Pricing No Surprise Charges

Upfront pricing and fixed affordable appliance repair service fee ensure complete transparency. The price quoted during the technician's visit is the price you pay, guaranteed — no surprise add-ons.

Trusted Professionals for All Major Brands

At Spark Appliance Repair, our expertise covers all popular dryer models from today’s leading manufacturers. No matter the make or vintage of your machine, we have the knowledge and skills to diagnose and fix issues. We are trusted maintenance professionals for more and less popular dryer brands, including:

With intimate experience servicing dryers from these industry-leading brands and more, our technicians can promptly troubleshoot any problem that arises with your laundry equipment. We utilize original parts and proprietary diagnostic methods to ensure repairs are comprehensive and built to last. Get in touch when your machine acts up – our commitment to quality service spans every brand.

Don’t Wait - Restore Optimal Performance Now

If your dryer is plagued by lost heat, won’t start, makes strange noises or shows other symptoms of dysfunction, don’t put up with the hassle and inconvenience. Our skilled technicians have years of experience quickly diagnosing and fixing all common laundry equipment issues. We use that expertise paired with quality parts and efficient practices to get dependable machines back up and running – guaranteed or your money back.


Contact our customer service staff to schedule service today. Call (619) 330-5105 or complete our online request form to book your appointment. Daytime, evening and weekend repair visits available throughout San Diego metro. We work diligently to restore the convenience you rely on clothes dryers to provide as soon as possible.


Choose SPARK Appliance Repair for prompt, hassle-free repairs from industry veterans dedicated to first-rate service. Call now to finally say goodbye to dryer troubles once and for all!

Smooth Service from Start to Finish

At Spark Appliance Repair, we make it simple to get your faulty dryer back up and running at peak performance. Our seamless repair process includes:
  • Scheduling What Works for You
Contact our responsive team to book an appointment at your convenience. We accommodate your availability to inspect machine issues.
  • Identifying Problems
Our technician will conduct thorough diagnostic testing to pinpoint causes of dysfunction, assessing heating elements, drum rollers, control boards, sensors, and all internal components.
  • Providing Exact Repair Costs
Once the source of the problem is found, we present a written estimate detailing parts, labor charges, material fees. No guesswork, just transparency.
  • Completing Timely Repairs
We work diligently to finish repairs in a single visit. All clothing dryer components are replaced or repaired to proper specifications. For a seamless dryer repair process you can count on, choose the maintenance experts at Spark Appliance Repair as your partner. Contact us to schedule hassle-free service.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Unusual sounds like screeching, squeaking or loud rattling typically signify a malfunction needing pro diagnosis. Call us right away – fixing minor issues early prevents more extensive repairs down the road.

Misaligned doors often indicate a deeper issue like an off-balance drum, worn rollers or broken shock absorbers. Call us to realign and replace any faulty parts.

Yes, regular dryer vent maintenance ensures good airflow for efficiency. We offer professional vent inspection and cleaning yearly or as needed to reduce fire risks and improve machine function.

We provide full-scale installation assistance for customers – carrying equipment, reattaching gas lines & cords safely, adjusting leveling, testing starts, cleaning filters and vents. Our technicians ensure proper operation.

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Appliance repair services Santiago Diego

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